Lots of stuff, things, and stuff and things.

Basics: 41, 5'11", born in Pittsburgh but have since lived in Toronto, Chicago, Milwaukee, New York, St. Louis, Detroit and Miami.


Credo: Sometimes not enough can be too much.


Heroes: George Carlin, Hunter Thompson, William Burroughs, Stewart Copeland, Mitch Hedberg, Steve Jobs and my parents.


If I Weren't In Advertising: Your local Salvation Army would have a lot of collared shirts.


Hobbies: Playing, writing and producing music whenever I can. Skateboarding / snowboarding with my 8-year-old. Penning a retrospective volume of short stories, chock full of the things you do, people you meet and situations you barely survive as a touring musician. Collecting vinyl records, shoes and guitars. Riding my motorcycle like a complete idiot.


In A Former Life: I composed commercials, co-owned an electronic music record label, was a Chicago bike messenger, ran a recording studio and toured the continent's most random corners as a musician and DJ.


Dependents: 1 son, 2 Boston Terriers, my girlfriend's cat and an alimony payment.


Favorite Place On Earth: Whister, BC. Santa Fe, NM. Florence, Italy.


Explain That Little Angry Bald Dude Logo: In 2008 I was wandering the streets of Naples with my then-wife, who was snapping pictures of the graffiti. I heard her laughing in that inimitable cackle of hers, "Ermahgerd, somebody half way around the world drew you!" And it stuck. His name (and my at-the-time nickname) is "Stompy". If you see me walking towards your office with that look on my face, lock your door.


These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things: Beating you so bad in Galaga your mom feels it. Driving really fast in an obnoxiously blue Volvo for the betterment of my attorney's billings. D-grade horror movies from the 1980's. Cafe racers. Atari 2600 bro-down show-downs. Music that most people don't consider "music". Cooking breakfast for my blended little Manson family every Sunday and enjoying the inevitable 2-hour bacon coma afterwards. Building a time machine so as to eradicate the very existence of "The Family Circus" comic strip. Procrastinating upon website updates.